Our Uganda Adoptions

A Few Posts to Give Background to our Uganda Adoptions:

So That Nothing Is Lost

Why We’re Adopting Again

God Doesn’t Need Me

***Update August 2011: We’re home with the children! Here’s a short video we put together which gives a snapshot of our journey…

To see all of our posts, related to our adoption of children from Uganda in 2011, click here.


40 Responses to “Our Uganda Adoptions”
  1. Deidre says:

    Hey Sara!

    Your blog came up in my Google Alerts for Uganda adoptions tonight. We are also adopting from Uganda and are waiting for a referral for our son(s). I just wanted to “introduce” myself and not be just a “lurker” on your blog! Cannot wait to follow your journey. Congrats on starting the adoption process again! I have found that it is SOO much easier the second time around.

    By His grace,

    Ps~ You kids are just beautiful!

    • Sara says:

      Thank you Deidre for reaching out! It seems like there is a small community of Ugandan adoptive families …excited to finally meet one of them!!

  2. Katie says:

    Hi Sara,
    Awesome news about the Ugandan adoptions! I’ve only heard about adopting from Uganda- from friends of friends. But, I do have a connection with a missionary family that is living in Uganda and working with a school and orphanage. The school is called the Good Shepherd’s Fold. I’d be happy to give you an email if you’re interested.
    Excited for you and your family!!

  3. Warren Parker says:

    Nate and Sara,

    I loved your blog. What an amazing gift for your kids to read over when they are older.

    My wife and I have a 4 year old son (Nate!) and wish to adopt.
    We have had a home study completed, collected all the information for a dossier and have approval from our country of residence and country of citizenship to adopt internationally. I won’t go into details of that here, but would it be possible to hear from you about your Ethiopia and Uganda agencies. We only require to link up with an incountry agency in either country. Which country would you recommend is currently the most successful? (processing time, risk, etc).

    Look forwarded to anything you can advise, knowledge that you can pass on.

    God Bless,

    • Sara says:


      We’re really new to Uganda, so I’m not sure I can speak to that. Our experience in working with Ethiopia certainly changed as we went through the process (and through two different agencies). We worked with International Adoption Net out of Colorado and I would highly recommend them. Their in-country Ethiopian staff are phenomenal. They have deep hearts to see these children set in families. And the nannies at the orphanage taught my children how to pray. Beautiful.

      There is risk involved with international adoption — period. I would advise you seeking an agency that is Hague Accredited (even though neither Ethiopia nor Uganda are Hague countries), as this means they have a system of checks and balances in place and have a higher authority they need to respond to. I would also advise looking for an agency that has a history — even decades — of experience. While it’s not possible to have that history in Ethiopia or Uganda (Ethiopia has only been open for adoption for 4 or 5 years and Uganda has only recently switched their guardianship laws to allow for international adoption), many agencies have years of experience with other countries and families that can attest to their ethics. Ask lots of questions of both the agency and families that have adopted through them.

      And pray. He will show you!

      Blessings to you — adoption rocks.

  4. Rachel Carey says:


  5. Kelly says:

    Hi Sara!
    I THINK we might have a few things in common! !) THING 1: Ethiopia-we’re in the process of adopting (hopefully siblings) from Ethiopia. We will be sending off our dossier in May, Lord willing. THING 2: YOUNG LIFE!!! We have been involved in YL since 2003 and began a ministry in our hometown four years ago (currently we have 100 kids in our basement every week-phew!) THING 3: VIRGINIA? My parents live in the Shenandoah Valley. My brother went to UVA, and there is about an 80% chance (give or take) that we may be moving to the Richmond area in the next couple years. Right now we live near Hagerstown, MD in PA, and I’m trying to find a community of Ethiopian adoptive families (and, I’m trying to get one of these blog designers to respond to my pleas to help me get up and running!). Peace!

    • Sara says:

      Wow, Kelly.

      How’d you find us here? Maybe through a young life, Ethiopia or Virginia connection? :). The world just got a lot smaller.

      Congratulations on your adoption!! Go for siblings!

      • Kelly says:

        Hi, Sara! I have no idea how I found you! I think just perusing through Ethiopian adoptive family blogs! :) And, we DID file for siblings! We’re just waiting for our fingerprinting dates right now!

  6. I just came upon you blog after searching for Ugandan adoptions. I am an AP with twin girls from Vietnam. After falling in love with her nieces my sister has decided to adopt her first child. They are leaning towards Uganda. Do you mind sharing what agency you are using?



  7. Kelly says:

    Hi Sara,
    My husband and I live in Northeast Ohio and a friend connected us with your blog. We are looking into adoption for the first time and we have a heart for the children of Uganda. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about your adoptions from Uganda? Is there anyway we could email for more privacy? Thanks Sara. In His Grace, Kelly

    P.S.- We are actually taking a trip down to IHOP in two weeks for the PFJ conference. My friend said you live down there?

  8. Alison Nicholson says:

    Sara and Nate,

    Brian and I rejoice over your beautiful, growing family! You both are so pecious to us! We miss you. Our Sam just celebrated his 9th birthday and Tommy’s 7th! I was looking at baby pictures of Sam and in our album, there is a picture of Nate holding Sam over his shoulder. I treasure it! That you have held our kids and known them! I dream of someday holding and knowing your sweet babies! We pray that they all make it to your home in God’s perfect timing. Our hearts are with you! Go Hagerty Family!

    All our love,
    Alison and family

    • Sara says:


      Sam is 9?! My goodness … where has time gone?! Your family looks so full of life — we loved the christmas card!

      We love you guys,

  9. Rachel L. says:

    Hi. My husband and I are in the initial stages of beginning the adoption process. We are considering Uganda and Ethiopia. I would love to find out what agency you are using for Uganda, we are having a hard time finding an agency due to the newness of the program. If you wouldn’t mind sending me an email, as I know that you can’t post that information on your blog, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  10. Angie says:

    I stumbled on to your website through mutual friends, what a blessing this has been to my heart to find you. Your Courage, Faith, Love and Humanity are admired. You have walked in HIS path with the strength and love of your dream. I am blessed to make this connection with you.

    God Bless!

  11. Susan says:

    Simply amazing, Sara & Nate. Tears in my eyes, so thankful to God for you and what you are giving your children. I so see Christ in you. What a rich heritage you are passing along.

    Praying for you and love you!

  12. Trisha says:

    Hi Sara,

    I stumbled on your blog today in my adoption research. I have to say that I wept when I read and watched the videos about your adoption journeys. I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness made known in the coming together of your family. My husband and I are in the beginning stages of international adoption, and Uganda is one of the countries we are considering. I know you’re unable to talk about your agency on here. Would you mind emailing me to let me know which one you used? I am doing a ton of research but am very interested in hearing from people who have actually adopted through the agency. It appears you’re taking a break from the blog right now so I understand if your response is delayed. Thank you in advance!

    Blessings to you and your family!

    • Sara says:


      I’ve only just now discovered these comments here on this page (I’m revealing how un-technical I am). There is a *chance* my husband forwarded this to me earlier and I responded, but if not please do let me know and I will email you these details!


  13. Katie (Smith) Deolloz says:

    Sara and Nate…

    My eyes welled up with tears from the beauty of the video above. My brother Travis and I were friends with Nate and Liz way back when during our summers at SB2W. It is wonderful to see how gracious God has been…what a beautiful family He has assembled for you all. I pray for continued blessing over your household as you continue to walk in obedience. God is so good!

    Katie (Smith) Deolloz

  14. Julie Shamblin says:

    Hi there! My husband and I are researching adoptions in Uganda. I understand that you can’t give info here…do you mind emailing us the agency that you are working with. We are so enamored with this country and it’s beautiful people. Thanks.

    God Bless,

    • Sara says:


      Woops — I’m only seeing this comment here now. There is a *chance* my husband forwarded this to me earlier and I responded, but if not please do let me know and I will email you these details!


  15. amy says:

    Hi Sara,

    I am just starting out on the adoption journey. We are hoping to adopt from Uganda, and I was wondering if you could share what agency you used. I also would love any tips or words of encouragment you may have.


    • Sara says:


      I’m just finding these comments now (woops!). My husband may have forwarded this to me earlier and I responded, but if not please do let me know and I will email you these details!


  16. Elizabeth says:

    This video left me in tears. What a beautiful, blessed family you have!


  17. cara says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I started reading your blog a few months ago —As I planned my first trip to Uganda (meant to be a “research” trip as I am nearly done with my PhD, specializing in HIV research), I came across your blog. At first, I will admit, it came up in a google search and I thought, “that’s not what I am looking for” but something made me click on your site and I have spent many hours over the last several months reading every post and comment. You write beautifully – and you have a beautiful story to tell. I ended up forgoing most of my pre-planned research meetings in Uganda and, instead, spent the majority of my time in several orphanages – volunteering anywhere I could help. I owe so much of that to you — I have always loved children and felt I would work with them in some capacity…but your blog brought home the reality of the orphans’ situation to me. My time in Uganda changed me. Inspired me. I met so many children —and, of course, formed close bonds with several. I see them in my dreams now…and pray for a better life for them. Someway, somehow. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your blog….and wish your family the very best. After spending so much time at orphanages in Uganda, I truly know the blessing your family is to your sweet girls. Of course, I also know the blessing that they are to you.

  18. Bill Bennett says:

    Nate! This is Bill Bennett from UVA.

    My wife has been following this fantastic blog, but only today pointed me to your latest video. I saw the name Hagerty in the beginning and said, “maybe it is my frat bro Nate…” sure enough!

    Praise Jesus for you two and for you six. You are a light in darkness.

    I left you a voice mail at your work number and would love to connect. I left you my cell number.

    Glory to the father,

  19. Hi Sara,
    I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time now, so when I heard recently of an urgent need for adoption of a little guy in Uganda, I thought of you as someone who may be able to email me in order that I could ask you a couple of things. If you’re able to do that, please let me know. His situation is fairly critical and very time-sensitive.

  20. judith says:


    really enjoy how you write so tangibly about God’s love and care in you family. a blessing.

    wondering if we could chat through email. i have a child in my home who has come through a “disrupted adoption”. we have never had an international child in our home. we have never traveled. i know nothing of food, culture, music anything. would really like to bring as much that’s familiar to this child and help through this painful time.

    any help or advice wold be a huge kindness


  21. Star says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you would be willing to contact me by email or FB to talk about your Uganda adoptions. My husband and I have just made the decision to adopt from there. We have several friends who have adopted but do not know anyone who has been through the process in Uganda. Trying to figure out where to start, etc. We know that we will probably be adopting from Good Shepherd’s Fold and have been in touch with them but are just trying to find some people willing to share their experience/advice with us!
    Thank you and blessings!

  22. Teresa says:

    Hello! Like many others who have commented above, I am blessed by your family. My husband and I are praying two adopt two Ugandan boys. Could you also email me the name of the agency you are using? Thank you.

  23. Melissa says:

    Loved watching your video and reading about you experience with Uganda. We are in the process of adopting from Uganda as well. Funny thing – before we moved forward and were still praying about what to do, my husband came across your video – we both had tears as we watched it – we knew we needed to move forward with Uganda – then tonight, I stumbled across your blog for the first time, and, ta-da! the video! We are blessed with three little girls and are so excited to add to our family through adoption. I am so encouraged by those like you that have faithfully gone ahead of us with this process. It is overwhelming, and I don’t know how it will come together, but I am so excited to see God move! May God bless you and your beautiful family! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  24. Jenn says:

    Good Evening Sara!

    We wanted to say thanks for your beautiful writing and for sharing your adoption journey. We love the God is the center of it all! Tears roll down my cheeks as we watched your story unfold through your video. We have three children and are adopting our first daughter from China in just a few weeks. We have always wanted to adopt from Africa as well and have been interested in Uganda. Can you please e-mail us information regarding the agency or contacts that you used to bring your girls home? Thanks so much for sharing!

    Many Blessings,

  25. Alison Haley says:

    Greetings. I came across you blog as I am doing research on adoption in Uganda and praying towards our own adoption. I can’t find where you share the agency or children’s home you worked with in Uganda. Please email me. Thank you!

  26. AdrienneO says:

    Hi- I’ve been reading your blog off & on and my friend Kristen Patton recommended it to me again today- little did she know I’ve been reading it! She knows you thru a mutual friend? Anyway we’ve been waiting 2 years for a match with Ethiopia, but I have a chance to travel to Uganda with a close family friend who lives there. I would be leaving in March and am trying to contact a Ugandan lawyer. I would love to hear your recommendations if you have time to email me. Many thanks for a beautiful and realistic adoption story.

  27. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for this beautiful video of your girls. We have just gotten a referral for a baby girl in Uganda and are so excited. It seems impossible that it will all work out, but your video reminds me God has it all worked out. It will happen. What an amazing story and family.

  28. Shaena says:

    Thank you for sharing the journey of your Ugandan adoption here. It’s such a blessing to read stories like this. My husband and I have been praying about adopting from Uganda for some time and feel like God is telling us to move forward. I would love to find out what agency you used. I know you can’t post it here, would you mind sending me a private message? Thanks so much!


  29. Diane says:

    I’m currently in the process of adopting from another African country, however due to political conflict, the continuation of the program is uncertain… The agency has a Uganda program. I have spent nearly 5 years in East Africa (Kenya & Tanzania mostly), but am considering Uganda if the conflict continues and a change is necessary. Thank you for your blog and the joy you’ve shared!

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